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About us

It can be tough being a young person in the modern world. Careers are incredibly exciting and fast moving - the top five jobs today didn’t even exist ten years ago. But the competition is tough. Even finding out about jobs  can seem like an impossible task - never mind knowing if they’re for you and where on earth you'd start. 

Schools are meant to provide inspirational careers guidance now, but teachers don’t have the time or the experience. Parents and maths teachers simply don’t know what makes a great “social media strategist”.

Employers have a burning desire to show young people the skills they need to fill the jobs available, but they don’t know where to do it or how.

Plotr exists to opens up a world of opportunity. We’re here to help young people discover careers they may not know exist and to explore the world of work like never before. We are working on re-imagining careers advice and exploration for the digital age.

From video role models to real-life experiences we're here to inspire young people in a whole new way and guide them to careers and employers they'll love.

What is Plotr?

Plotr is a revolutionary website created to help 11-24 year olds discover and explore careers they’ll love. It’s built around the Game which uncovers careers matched to their skills, interests and personality.

They can explore employer worlds, in depth career profiles, videos, articles and more to get a view of what the world of work is really like and find what inspires them. With the help of expert info, insider hints and tips - and thousands of work experience, apprenticeship and entry level job opportunities - we guide them to what they love.

Who is Plotr for?

Young people

If you’re 11 years old, you’re probably going to have VERY different career thoughts to someone who’s 24. Plotr can help, whether you just want to find out a bit more about jobs you might like, don’t have a clue, or you’re desperately looking for entry-level jobs and really concrete next steps.

We’re here to inspire you, bring you what YOU need, and make sure that we're as useful to you as possible. We need to hear what you’ve got to say. It’s very important. More important than all the other things. So ask (or tell) us anything at info@plotr.co.uk

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The fact that schools now have a legal obligation to provide pupils with access to independent careers advice is a significant driving factor in the existence of Plotr. We know this is another huge responsibility on an already extremely full plate.

Our teacher focus groups, survey research and friends in the teaching community tell us loud and clear that quick, practical support in delivering careers guidance is a vital need. As an independent, not-for-profit organisation Plotr can help you unlock career inspiration, lift aspirations and deliver unbiased information and advice to your students.

Our School Zone, going live in September 2014, will be an invaluable resource to further help you deliver CEIAG in your school and meet Ofsted guidance on careers and employability.  Dedicated lesson plans and the Career Exploration Log will help you draw maximum benefit from Plotr for your students and provide a record of engaged, reflective and action oriented careers activity.

If you’d like more information about Plotr - or you have some feedback about a better way of doing things, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can email info@plotr.co.uk

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We believe the best people to supply information, insight and advice on real world careers are the employers and staff that live and breathe those careers every day. Because of the unique value that employers hold for young people, we intelligently map employer content and live opportunities into the psychometrically driven user journeys on Plotr.

If you’re interested in embedding your business into young people’s careers journeys on Plotr please visit our dedicated For Employers and Businesses section.

Our video explains why Plotr is the place to connect to a new generation of talent


Plotr is all about inspiring your child to be the best they can – in a way that fits who they are. Plotr helps your child explore careers in relation to their skills, strengths and personality through the psychometrically driven Game and the Careers Exploration Log (a downloadable companion resource coming later this month – register now and we’ll let you know when it’s live). Career inspiration on Plotr is about expanding your horizons, aiming to be the best you can and achieving a brilliant, happy fit. 

It’s important for your child to know their options and make decisions that are right for them at key points in their lives - choosing subjects, choosing courses and so on. Plotr is independent, not-for-profit, government-backed and gives both you and your child advice and information that you can trust in making these important decisions.

Whether it's watching a role model in a career that’s been matched to your child’s skills sharing their insights on video, or having your child share their Game results and career personality type with you (so you can explore options and next steps together), Plotr exists as a trusted guide for you both.

We’d love to hear what you’ve got to say. Did Plotr help you with your own child? Let us know. Are there things you’d like to see on the site that aren’t there yet? Drop a line to info@plotr.co.uk. We’ll listen.

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