Accessibility statement

We are working hard to make Plotr accessible to all young people using all technologies.

Inclusivity is one of our core values at Plotr - we believe it’s vital that all young people can benefit fully from the wealth of information, advice and guidance that is on our website.

For more help in using your computer, the web and assistive technologies, we recommend the BBC’s My Web, My Way page. The site has videos to help you use the web and your computer with more ease.

We’re aiming to meet at least level ‘AA’ compliance of the W3C standards for web accessibility, including enabling an assistive software user to use the site with no problems.

This new version of the site is currently undergoing an accessibility review by a specialist in the Disability and Work Opportunities Division of the DWP. As soon as this review is completed, we will make it our highest priority to implement their recommendations.

Let us know if you are having difficulties

While these improvements are underway, we welcome any comments, suggestions or feedback you have for us. Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts to help us improve Plotr.


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