60 seconds with... a British Gas apprentice

60 seconds with... a British Gas apprentice

Want a job where you get friendly customers, your own van – and lots of biscuits? Smart meter apprentice Sam Wood, 22, tells plotr all about her job…


Want a job where you get friendly customers, your own van and endless tea and biscuits? Smart meter apprentices help people reduce their energy bills by installing special meters in their homes. Apprentice Sam Wood, 22, tells plotr all about it…

What do smart meter apprentices do?

“We go to people’s homes and exchange and install gas and electricity ‘smart’ meters. These are special meters that help people understand their bills better. We give energy efficiency advice too, so that people use less gas and electricity. That keeps their bills down.”

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Best bits?

“Every customer is so different, which makes the job really varied – and the cups of tea and biscuits are a nice touch! I also have my own van and tools, and the freedom to manage my day from start to finish, which is great.”

Did you always want to do this job?

“I always knew I wanted to work with my hands. At school I loved woodwork, resistant materials and science – and my job involves all these subjects! I also did a plumbing course at college before joining British Gas. Although that isn’t compulsory, I think it did help me show British Gas that I was serious about the role and that I was keen to learn.”

Who is your boss?

“Mark, who’s brilliant! Whenever I need advice or help I can ask him. All the staff really look after me here, and the job security I get from working for such an established company is amazing.”

What training did you get?

“I spent 26 weeks training at the British Gas academy for this role. It was great fun – the trainers were really nice and treated us all like the adults we are. After the training course I had a mentor who helped me develop my skills further.  My confidence has grown loads too. Last month I represented British Gas at a careers fair where I talked about my role and what I enjoy about it. Doing this job has given me the confidence to do things like that – I wouldn’t have been able to it before.”

Top tip for newbies?

“Make sure your interviewer knows that you really want the job, and make sure you know a bit about British Gas beforehand. Prepare – and be super enthusiastic!”

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