7 signs you'd make an awesome teacher

7 signs you'd make an awesome teacher

Could you be a teacher? Thanks to the great financial support available for trainee teachers, more grads than ever are looking at careers in teaching.


Could you be a teacher? Thanks to the great financial support available for trainee teachers, more grads than ever are looking at careers in teaching. Rebecca Ayling, 23, is a physics teacher based in Bristol. She let Plotr in on what it takes to make an awesome teacher…

Sign # 1: You’re passionate

As a teacher you’ll be passionate about making a difference to young people’s lives. (Sounds heavy, but it’s true!) You’ll be enthusiastic about supporting your students, and developing them along every step of the way. 

Sign # 2: You can think on your feet

The situation in the classroom can change quickly – students are unpredictable! Teachers must be super adaptable and able to think on their feet, that’s all part of the challenge. You need to be a quick thinker!

Sign # 3: You’re creative

What made your favourite teacher so great? Chances are, they were creative in the classroom. The most inspiring teachers are often the ones that dream up different fun exciting ways of teaching. To learn the German alphabet, my old Spanish teacher made us throw balls around the room, each time you caught the ball you had to say the next letter in the alphabet. It was hilarious – and it worked! Most of the windows stayed in tact...

Sign #4: You’re committed

There’s a lot of fun in teaching, but it can be hard work too. You’ll often find yourself arriving at school early to set up the classroom, as well as planning and marking at home after school and at weekends. That’s just part of the job – and for most teachers it’s totally worth it. 

Sign #5: You’re patient

As a teacher, your patience will be tested on a regular basis. Remember what you were like at school?! You’ll need a caring nature and a lot of patience. So long as you have this kind of nature to start with, you’ll soon learn how to answer students’ questions and resolve their problems (and sometimes disputes) calmly and fairly.

Sign #6: You can crack a joke

Teachers aren’t aliens! The best teachers get along with their students and command a quiet confidence. If you can have a laugh, and can laugh at yourself, you’ll go a long way. 

Sign #7: You’re organised

Teachers have to juggle lots of priorities at any one time – taking on responsibilities in addition to their teaching hours. You’ll need to be organised and skilled at managing your time to keep on top of everything successfully. 

Sign #8: You love learning

Yep, we snuck in an extra one in! It’s not just your students who’ll learn and develop, as a teacher you’ll also need to seize opportunities so that you learn and develop throughout your career. You’ll always be learning. 

To apply for a training course you’ll need at least a grade C in GCSE English and maths. You’ll also need a degree – many providers and schools are looking to recruit graduates with a 2:1 or higher. 

Want to study for a degree and complete your teacher training at the same time? You can! The undergraduate teacher training course, such as the Bachelor of Education (BEd), allows you to study for your degree while you complete your teacher training. 

To find out more what life as a teacher is like, visit the ‘Get into teaching’ website or call the Teaching Line on 0800 389 2500.

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