Studio Schools – a different way of going to school

Studio Schools – a different way of going to school

What are Studio Schools - and what do they add to education? Find out here...


What are Studio Schools?

Studio Schools are a new concept in education, which seeks to add more to traditional education in order to provide the skills and knowledge that young people require to succeed.

How do they do this?

Studio Schools teach a range of academic and vocational qualifications, including GCSEs, as well as offering paid work placements as part of the school day.  Students in Years 10 and 11 typically do ½ or 1 day a week with an employer, and A Level students will be there for 2 days each week, gaining valuable experience of the world of work. 

Students are taught using a specially developed “CREATE” skills framework – which develops employability and life skills.  This also builds resilience and encourages creative thinking, as well as allowing students to learn about how to manage their own and other’s emotions. 

What’s different about the Curriculum?

The Studio School curriculum is delivered through project based learning, and a Studio School year typically breaks into three 17 week projects, although students sometimes work on shorter project commissions.

Students work with real employers, applying academic learning to come up with solutions to real problems, encouraging young people to be actively in involved in local community life. Studio Schools often have specialisms linked to their local and regional employer base - for example The Studio in Liverpool focusses on gaming and digital futures, the Da Vinci Studio School in Stevenage focuses on STEM, and Rye Studio School focuses on the Creative Industries.

Each student also has a personal coach, who helps them to develop a personalised learning plan.

Who are they for?

The schools are designed for 14-19 year olds of all abilities. Each has around 300 students and are open 9-5 – making them feel more like a workplace than a school.  All Studio Schools are free to attend. 

Where are they?

There are currently 27 open schools and 18 due to open shortly.  There is a map of schools on the Studio Schools website.

How can I find out more?

Have a look at the Studio School Trust website

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