The 7 most awesome courses... ever!

The 7 most awesome courses... ever!

Want to do a course – but no idea which one? Our friends at City and Guilds have hundreds to choose from. And the best news? For lots of them, you don’t need qualifications before you apply


Want to do a course – but no idea which one? Our friends at City and Guilds have hundreds to choose from. And the best news? For lots of them, you don’t need any particular qualifications before you apply – just bags of enthusiasm and the right attitude. Here are our favourite seven…

(*Don’t fancy these? There are thousands more!)

Holiday guiding

Sun? Check. Sea? Check. Job? Check! If you love visiting new countries, meeting new people and are naturally organised, the Introduction to Travel and Tourism course could be right up your boulevard! (sorry). This qualification will help you learn, develop and practise the skills you’ll need to get started and progress in a career in travel and tourism

WHAT NEXT? Find out more about the course and the different Awards you can complete by visiting the City & Guilds website.  

Traditional hunting

Learn the age-old arts of shooting and wildlife conservation by taking a Certificate in the Principles of Live Quarry Shooting! Take this course and you’ll go back in time – learning traditional methods of shooting, identifying game, and handling gundogs. This is a great course for anyone interested in careers to do with land management, game conservation and working with gundogs.

WHAT NEXT? Take a look at the course in more detail and see whether it’s the right for you.


Aromatherapy is actually just the beginning – get on to the course and you’ll learn massage and reflexology techniques, as well the basics of anatomy and physiology. The full name for this qualification is Complementary Therapies, as the different techniques and practices you learn all complement each other – and give you a fantastic grounding from which you can go on to specialise.

WHAT NEXT? Get yourself clued up on all the course details here.

Youth work

Could you see yourself helping young people find their way in life? Youth workers support and empower teenagers – playing a really important role in the community. This course will teach you the skills you need to work in youth environments, will build your confidence and help you find a job as a youth and community worker.


Legal secretarial

Dream of working in the legal sector but don’t want to do a law degree or law conversion course? Keep reading. The Legal Secretaries course is perfect for anyone looking to work in the exciting world of law but doesn’t have any previous qualifications or work experience. You will need some basic administrations skills – a decent typing speed and some basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel will help – but that’s where it ends! Then you're fully ready to become a legal secretary.

WHAT NEXT? Follow this link to find out more about training to be a legal secretary. 


Love computers? Like the idea of working with technology in a fast-paced, changing environment? If that’s the case, this Communication Systems qualification could well be what you’re looking for. You’ll get a great introduction into the world of ICT (that’s Information and Communications Technology) and you’ll learn the major principles of telecommunications and computer networks.

WHAT NEXT? Get the full low down on the Communications Systems diploma and how to apply here.

Personal training

This is a fantastic course for anybody who loves sport and fitness. You’ll gain essential knowledge about exercise and workouts, while getting clued up on health and safety practices too. But best of all, you’ll discover the many different ways you can train people – getting and keeping them fit, healthy and strong. Once you’ve completed your Fitness Instructing qualification you can go on to do further more specialist studies or start working as personal trainer or fitness instructor right away.

WHAT NEXT? Go to the City & Guilds website to find out more about the course and how to apply. 

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