What I learnt from... work experience at ISS

What I learnt from... work experience at ISS

Miguel Diogo, 15, wants to be a graphic designer. Find out what happened when he helped produce a magazine for facilities firm ISS


Miguel Diogo, 15, (right) has his heart set on becoming a graphic designer. He tells plotr about his work experience placement working on the monthly magazine at ISS, one of the UK’s biggest providers of catering, security, hospitality and maintenance services…

Tell us about your work experience placement

“I was asked to do some graphic design and on the second day I started a big project – which turned into a double page spread for the ISS monthly magazine, which I worked on with my colleague, Callum. It’s going to appear in the upcoming magazine that’s read by the thousands of people that ISS employs and work with. 

“It was so fun to think that so many people will read it and see our visuals. It’s such a rewarding feeling and now I’m really sure that I’d love to do this in the future.”

How did you find the placement and what were the best bits?

“My school arranged the placement for me. To be honest I didn’t think it sounded very glamorous at first – so I’m amazed by how much I’ve loved the week from start to finish. I would love to maybe work there in the future. The best bits? I can’t mention one single thing because I loved every second of being there!”

What subjects do you love at school?

“I love PE and ICT [information communication technology]. I like doing things that really rattle my brain and make me work really hard. I think this is the reason why I enjoyed the ISS placement so much – I knew I was competing against other people and that I had to present myself in the best light possible.”

What advice would you give someone who wants to do this placement?

“Go in with a good attitude. Make an effort to get to know the people you’re working with. Ask questions and listen to everything going on around you. And strive to do your best with every task you’re given. You might not master everything straight away but you’ll quickly learn how to improve every time.”

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