What’s it really like... doing the Serco fast-track scheme?

What’s it really like... doing the Serco fast-track scheme?

You may not have heard of Serco – but you’ve definitely used their services! plotr speaks to three people currently doing their ‘fast track’ programme


You may not have heard of Serco – but you’ve definitely used their services! The organisation runs certain trains, hospitals and other important services on behalf of the UK government! The Serco fast track scheme is for ambitious young people eager to climb the career ladder and move into leadership roles. It’s 27 months long – that’s three placements, each lasting nine months. 

So what’s it really like to actually do the scheme? plotr met ‘fast trackers’ Matt Gibson (right), 24, James Weaver (right, below), 27, Matthew Melly (below), 31, to find out…


What’s a typical day like?

Matthew: “It sounds clichéd but there’s no such thing as a typical day! I’m in my first fast tracker role, working as a programme manager on an internal project called Compass, reviewing IT systems and some of our information systems. I work two to three days a week in the North West of England and the rest of the time at Serco’s head office in Hook, in Hampshire.” 

James: “I’m also on my first placement, but I’m based in human resources (HR) – which is where the hiring and managing of people happens. I work on projects for Serco’s HR departments across the UK, Europe and sometimes globally too! For example, I was recently involved in the ‘Viewpoint Survey’ that goes out to every Serco employee around the world [Serco employs over 100,000 people and has offices in the US, Australia and Dubai!]. The survey gives employees the chance to have a say about how Serco is run.” 

Matt: “I’m on my second placement – managing a programme of work that aims to transform the way Serco trains and develops people. It’s very important work that can’t be underestimated.”

What’s the best thing about being a Serco ‘fast tracker’?

Matt: “It’s got to be the flexibility that allows me to try different career disciplines in different locations – all over the world.” 

James: “I’m constantly learning and always challenging myself. The people I meet and work with are very helpful too, and nothing ever seems like too much trouble. The relationship between the fast trackers is great, we’re always meeting up to discuss our placements and help each other out.”

Top tips for getting on the scheme?

James: “The interview process is pretty comprehensive – so make sure you do your homework. Some good advice I was given was to make sure you enjoy yourself. It’s just as much about you wanting to work at Serco as it is Serco wanting you!” 

Matt: “I did a graduate internship at Serco, and while doing that I worked alongside other fast trackers – so I got to see what the scheme was like first hand. It also gave me a real sense of Serco as a company – its values, culture and the career prospects.”

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