Type: Private

Founded: 1997

Employees: 39,000

Centrica is the company that owns British Gas, the gas and electricity supplier which powers millions of homes and businesses and across the UK. We’re involved in every stage of the energy life cycle – from source and storage to socket and stove. And we don’t only supply energy in the UK – we're also big in North America. That’s 30 million customers worldwide.

From gas and electricity to loft insulation and our new energy-saving, state-of-the-art smart meters, we provide the energy products our customers need, along with fantastic customer service and 24 hour homecare.

Our engineers are the face of British Gas – but thousands of behind-the-scenes contact centre staff make sure that jobs get done and our customers are kept happy (and warm). Whatever your role, if you choose to come and work for us one day you’ll find that we all work together to get things right first time, every time.

Did you know?

  • British Gas was founded in 1812 – so we’ve just celebrated our 200th anniversary
  • The company was originally called “the Gas Light and Coke Company”. It was our job to keep London’s gas streetlights burning brightly every night
  • One of Cheryl Cole’s first ever TV appearances was on an advert for British Gas, in the early 1990s. See if you can spot it in our Media library...
  • We are busy becoming more energy efficient – and showing our customers how to do the same. We offer a growing range of innovative low carbon energy efficiency products and services, like our revolutionary new smart meters

Centrica & British Gas Apprenticeships

Take a look at the range of apprenticeship opportunities below. For more information - or if you would like to apply - please visit our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

Information Technology Apprentice

Love tech? Dare to dream? The way we do business is changing – and pushing the boundaries of new technology is essential to the way British Gas’s develops in the next few years. As an information technology apprentice, you can be part of that.

An information technology apprentice will: 

  • Define, shape and refine British Gas’s systems and products for the future, including software development, system creation or product design
  • Secure British Gas’s reputation as an innovative, evolving market leader
  • Choose one of three specialisms: Applications support and development, Projects and business engagement or Software functions

You will need:

  • A passion for IT and its application to everyday problems
  • A strong, confident grasp of technology
  • Boundless imagination when considering the potential of new technologies
  • An analytical mind, paying close attention to detail
  • A can-do attitude
  • The ability to work as part of a team...
  • …or independently, when required

Through this two-year apprenticeship, you will achieve a Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship (which includes a diploma). The programme combines formal training and self-learning with on-the-job training from our industry experts. First years will be assigned a ‘buddy’ and second years a ‘mentor. You will also receive coaching and feedback from your manager.

As part of this apprenticeship programme, you will be expected to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, which includes voluntary and physical components and an expedition. The salary for an information technology apprenticeship starts at £13,000 per year and can rise by £500 every six months depending on an apprentice's perfomance.  

Technical Engineer Apprentice

Got a talent for fixing things and problem solving? A technical engineer apprentice services and repairs central heating systems and appliances in customers’ homes and workplaces. Armed with your laptop, you'll have access to cutting edge fault diagnostics, instant parts ordering and a vast technical library. This is a field-based role – in other words, you’ll always be out and about. 

A technical engineer apprentice will learn how to:

  • Assesses customers’ central heating systems and appliances
  • Work out what the problem is, if something isn’t working properly
  • Fixes systems and appliances in need of repair
  • Upgrades those which could be more energy-efficient 

You will need:

  • Four GCSEs or Scottish Standard Grades (minimum grade C/3) or equivalent,  including maths and English
  • A logical, analytical mindset
  • Great people skills, as you will be the public face of British Gas, out all day speaking to customers
  • Personal pride in your work and the ability to work independently

This is a two-year apprenticeship where you will work towards NVQ Level 3, under continual assessment (not final exams). However, it can take up to five years to become fully qualified. The apprenticeship combines training at one of our training centres with assisting a qualified mentor, working on real jobs at customers’ homes or workplaces. When your training is over, we’ll guide you through the gradual process of being coming a full-time British Gas technical engineer. Starting salary of £10,000 rising to £30,805 when fully qualified and competent

Smart Metering Apprentice

Does it bug you when people switch the kettle on – and it’s only just boiled? Smart metering apprentices install British Gas’s clever new devices which help customers save energy, keep their gas and electricity bills down - and make sure they stay warm through winter. This is a field-based role – in other words, you’ll always be out and about.

A smart metering apprentice will learn how to:

  • Put in and maintain smart meters in people’s homes and workplaces
  • Show customers how their new meter works
  • Explain its benefits, including how it helps the environment
  • Give customers advice on other ways to save energy and lower their bills
  • Do emergency call-outs if there’s a problem with the meter

You will need:

  • Four GCSEs or Scottish Standard Grades (minimum grade C/3) or equivalent,  including maths and English
  • Great people skills, as you will be out all day speaking to customers
  • Personal pride in your work and the ability to work independently
  • A calm, can-do attitude
  • A full driving licence valid for use in the UK

This is a one-year apprenticeship, leading to an NVQ Level 2 Diploma in smart metering. Whilst training, you will earn the equivalent of £13,750 per year. After 21 weeks, this rises to £16,000 per year. Then, after successfully completing the support and monitoring period, your salary will rise to £20,000, with £2,000 extra for jobs in London.

Centrica Energy Power Station Apprentice

Do you enjoy practical, physical work – and being part of a team? As a Centrica energy apprentice, you’ll be learning how to become an engineering technician, based at one of our UK gas platforms or power stations.

A Centrica energy apprentice will:

  • Discover how gas is located and extracted
  • Learn the core engineering skills needed for gas production
  • Understand the processes involved in gas production
  • Be trained in vital safety procedures

You will need:

  • To be disciplined and hard-working
  • A logical, common sense approach
  • A talent for teamwork and communication…
  • …and the ability to work independently too 
  • A mature, responsible mindset
  • To live within easy travelling distance of their assigned power station
  • To be flexible about relocating if necessary. Centrica is a large organisation and while you will be based at a particular site you may be expected to move to give you a chance to experience different aspects of the business

This is a four-year programme, during which time you will gain theoretical and practical knowledge and skills. First, you will complete a one-year study period, working towards completing an NVQ Level 2 in Performing Engineering Operations. During this time you’ll pay regular visits to your allocated site to gain experience working as part of the power generation team. You'll also undertake a VRQ Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Engineering and Technology, which consists of 10 units.

After that, you'll spend the next three years doing on-the-job training at one of our power stations, working towards completing an NVQ Level 3 and HNC in your chosen discipline. All apprentices are assigned a mentor to guide you through the programme. An energy apprentice earns a starting salary of £12,500 per year, tihs rises to £26,845 upon qualification. 

Centrica Energy Upstream Apprentice

Ever wondered where the gas in your oven – or scientists’ Bunsen burners – actually comes from? A Centrica Energy Upstream apprentice will find out – as they’ll work in the production and processing department of British Gas, usually on location close to the gas source itself.

A Centrica Energy Upstream apprentice will: 

  • Discover where and how gas sources are located
  • Learn about the core engineering skills needed for the extraction of gas
  • Tour and find out about the offshore production facilities and onshore processing terminals
  • Understand the production and processes involved with turning natural gas into a heat and power source used in millions of homes and businesses around the UK
  • Develop the broader personal skills you will need to thrive in a full-time job within this exciting area of our company
  • Gain excellent prospects for building a long-term career within British Gas

You will need:

  • GCSEs (or  equivalent) of A to C in maths, English and Science double or triple award, and two other subjects. Any other engineering-related technical or vocational qualifications are a bonus but not essential.
  • A keen interest in engineering and energy production
  • Logical, analytical thinking
  • A talent for working well as part of a close-knit team

As a Centrica Energy Upstream apprentice, you will develop core engineering skills, combining practical learning and further education at Furness College in Cumbria with on-the-job training at various British Gas sites. This will include working to NVQ Level 3 combined with a BTEC HNC. This apprenticeship lasts four years and pays the following:

Year 1 - £10,500

Year 2 - £12,500

Year 3 - £14,500

Year 4 - £18,500

Year 5 Development year - £22,000 if you work onshore work and £22,000 plus a £5,000 allowance if you work offshore. 

Once you've qualified your salary will rise to £26,845.

Customer Services Apprentice

Like talking on the phone? Are you calm under pressure – and great with people? A British Gas customer services apprentice will learn how to help customers with queries, ensuring all problems are resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A customer services apprentice will learn how to: 

  • Provide first-class customer service to British Gas customers, via phone, email and other new media
  • Resolve customers’ problems quickly and efficiently.
  • Manage an ongoing repair, where a swift fix is not possible. For this you will liaise directly with the field engineer in the customer’s home or workplace

You will need:

  • A passion for customer services
  • A talent for calm, efficient problem-solving
  • Five GCSEs or Scottish Standard Grades (minimum grade C/3) or equivalent, including maths and English
  • Drive and determination to succeed
  • A can-do, flexible approach 

This is a two-year programme combining formal training, self-learning and on-the-job experience. You will receive regular coaching, support and feedback and be paid £12,000 a year. You can gain a Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship (minimum Level 2). To increase your skills and confidence further, you will also be expected to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, including voluntary and physical components and an expedition.

At the end of your apprenticeship, you will be eligible to apply for a full-time account manager role, in which you would be entirely responsible for maintaining relationships between British Gas and some of our big business customers.

Centrica Storage Apprentice

Ever wondered where the gas goes once it’s been extracted? How it’s stored and looked after before it reaches our homes? Getting gas out of the ground is only part of the process – it also needs storing and processing. As a Centrica Storage Apprentice you can be part of that.

A Centrica Storage Apprentice will:

  • Develop core engineering skills while working alongside the best engineers in the industry
  • Combine practical learning with further education at the University of Hull, working towards either a foundation degree or studying for an HNC
  • Work for Centrica Storage Ltd – the company within Centrica PLC that stores gas 
  • Be part of a close-knit team that makes sure Centrica safely delivers gas to its millions of customers 
  • Move between our bases in the southern North Sea and our gas-receiving terminal in East Yorkshire

 You will need

  • GCSEs (or equivalent) of A to C in maths, English and double science or the triple science award, plus two other subjects
  • A keen interest in engineering and energy production
  • A logical and analytical way of thinking
  • A talent for working well as part of a close-knit team…
  • … or independently, when required

 This is a four-year apprenticeship with a starting salary of £12,500 for the first year. Depending on what you choose to specialise in, the scheme can develop in a number of ways. You’ll complete either an HNC/foundation degree in a relevant discipline such as Engineering & Plant Process Engineering or Mechanical Engineering. 

Assuming you complete your training, as a Centrica Storage Apprentice you will earn:

  • Year 1: £12,500
  • Year 2: £14,000
  • Year 3: £16,500
  • Year 4: £20,500-£26,845

Apprentice Installation Engineer

As an Apprentice Installation Engineer, we'll give you the best training in the business, great teammates and unique long-term opportunities. A career with British Gas is highly sought after; we'll help you become an ‘Energy Expert’, making a real difference to the customers that you serve.

We look for enthusiastic, customer focused Apprentices to grow and become fully qualified within our business of central heating Installations. In return you can expect to receive a rewarding benefits package including a van, all of your equipment, the latest laptop technology, paid holiday, comprehensive pension & share save schemes as well as great career prospects. During your apprenticeship you will be required to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Gold award or British Gas Award programme.

You will need:

  • As an Apprentice, you should hold a minimum of 4 GCSEs/Scottish Standard Grades or equivalent at grade C or above including English and Maths, and have a full driving licence with 6 points or less for use within the UK
  • The role will involve heavy lifting, so a suitable level of physical fitness will be required.
  • Great people skills, as you will be the public face of British Gas, out all day speaking to customers
  • Personal pride in your work and the ability to work independently

 Starting salary of £10,000 rising to £30,805 when fully qualified and competent

Centrica Graduate Scheme

Information on our Centrica Graduate Programme

The aim of our graduate programme is to find people with the energy and creativity to become future leaders and help us deliver our strategy.

We are looking for self-driven, high-calibre individuals who can grasp complex commercial issues and deliver solutions. In return, we'll provide the support, guidance and opportunities to help you become whatever you want to be.

Find more information at http://www.centrica.com/index.asp?pageid=937

Information on our Centrica Summer Placement Programme

Our ten week award winning summer placement programme gives you a real taste of what it will be like making the transition from university to the world of work.

During you placement ypu will work on real projects and undertake interesting and varied work that will make a real contribution to our business.

Its a ten week placement and you can have a weeks holiday and the salary is £10,000 pro rata. So why not come and spend the summer with Centrica?

More information can be found at http://www.centrica.com/index.asp?pageid=952


Update on National Apprenticeship Week!

We had open days across the country as part of NAS – take a look at what happened...

Staines open day was a huge success! People came from as far as Sunderland, Liverpool and Wales to find out about what it's like to work at Centrica. Our interactive town planning exercises went down a storm too, with some great feedback and lots of interesting questions being put to the team

Our Thatcham Academy attracted 56 visitors on the day. The tour of the Academy went down really well - people gained a real insight into how we deliver our training across the various roles. Mike Dangerfield from the Resourcing Team said: ”Both sessions generated lots of questions from the attendees and people mainly seemed interested in our Engineering roles and opportunities”. 

We even had the Rt Hon Edward Davey, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change pay us a visit!  For more on this visit, you can watch our video on YouTube

Both our Leicester and Leeds academies opened their doors to more than 70 visitors, while the bad weather conditions affected numbers at our Dartford Academy Open day, but those who braved the conditions were keen to get as much information about apprenticeships as possible.

Our final Open day was held at our Academy in Hamilton, Scotland where our trainers had great fun running  exploding tin experiments for the attendees

Liquid Natural Gas

Liquid Natural gas, what is it?

Liquid natural gas is where we have changed gas into a liquid. Did you know that 4 litre bottles of natural liquid gas would make over 3600 litre bottles of gas?

Its a great way to store gas!

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