Type: Private

Founded: 2004

Employees: 14

Changeboard.com advertises job vacancies for people who work in human resources, which is the part of the business that hires, trains, and manages staff.

Changeboard magazine, our house publication, is an industry-leading magazine that focuses on career development read by over 21,000 people who work in HR. We feature people in the industry that are making a real difference in their organisations. 

We also have a publication in the Middle East. Changeboard Middle East magazine has over 12,000 subscribers and focuses on solutions to the challenges that people who work in human resources in the Middle East face.

Our website hosts career advice and we're a community platform for people who work in human resources. We have international versions of the site in the Middle East, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Australia, Europe, Canada and the USA.

Our mission is to match talented people to high quality jobs in human resources, offer top career advice & help people meet their peers who also work in human resources. 

What's our mission?

Our aim is to create a website where people who work in human resources can find all the information they need to manage their career and make informed career decisions.

We help people find jobs

Our audience

Over 5,000 human resources jobs are posted on our website each month, making Changeboard the site with the most human resources job postings in the world. We attract the best candidates, and allow employers to build their brand and promote their products and services.

Entry level roles

While many of our job seekers are people who are senior level in human resources, we also have some entry level roles advertised on our site. Here are a few examples of entry level jobs in human resources:

We share career advice & publish thought-provoking articles

Print & digital magazines

Changeboard is a quarterly magazine that is distributed for free.

We pack our magazines with interview advice, tips to help people in human resources advance their career, how the human resources market is doing, and examples of good business leaders.

The magazine includes exclusive interviews with senior human resources professionals who share what they've done to make their business a better place for its staff while helping the business grow.

Display advertising

Changeboard helps businesses connect with our audience of people who work in human resources. Some examples of our display advertising products are ads in our magazines, ads on our website, webinars, and whitepaper giveaways.

Online content

Changeboard partners with more than 100 organisations to provide regular content for our website and our blog. The focus of the content is career advice, career profiles of people who work in human resources, and what it takes to be a great business leader.

We engage & interact with our community

Changeboard is visited by over 150,000 people who work in HR each month, and has the most senior audience of all HR sites. We have also built deep and trusted relationships with hundreds of organisations that we partner with and serve.

We host monthly roundtables and networking events for senior HR professionals to help them talk about the work they're doing. Our magazines in print and digital, as well as our webinar business provide further forums for the HR community to actively participate.

Future Talent

Future Talent Conference - Royal Opera House - 9th July

Future Talent is one of the core themes that Changeboard is championing across its global community. Changeboard's Future Talent conference took place at the Royal Opera House on 9th July and successfully brought together distinguished thought leaders from business, the arts, education, government and the HR profession who provided keynote talks that shared insights, stimulated debate and supported senior HR professionals manage this central strategic agenda.  The key notes and slideshows are available on the Changeboard website

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