Costain Group PLC

Type: Private

Founded: 1865

Employees: 4,000

You may not have heard of Costain until now, but you’ll certainly have benefited from the work we do! We’re a very large engineering and construction company that designs, builds and manages infrastructure all over the UK. Whether it’s cleaning water, expanding airports or renovating train stations, the sort of projects we run affect the lives of billions of people.

And because these projects are so huge and so important, we need a committed and expertly trained team who are as passionate about engineering and construction as we are. Which is why we invest in young people so much – they're our team of tomorrow. 
One way we invest in younger generations is by supporting the Prince's Trust charity, and we are now a proud patron since 2011! We work with the charity to provide work experience, pre-employment training, ‘get into construction’ courses and job opportunities like traineeships and apprenticeships. 
We also visit schools regularly, talking to students about the exciting world of STEM – that's science technology, engineering and maths – and the careers within it. Take a look at the Costin Career World to find out more.

Did you know?

  • History of the Costain Company spans nearly 150 years and, during that period, has benefited the lives of millions of people around the globe.
  • The Company has built airports, petrochemical plants, waste treatment works and schools – creating the building blocks of modern life and improving the quality of life of the people who use them.
  • The 1930s saw the Company move overseas for the first time. A contract to build an 11-mile section of the Trans-Iranian Railway through the Alborz Mountains was discovered – remarkably, only after the deal had been signed – to require long stretches of tunnels and viaducts, rather than conventional railway construction
  • During the Second World War Costain helped create the remarkable Mulberry floating concrete port that was towed in sections across the English Channel to give the Allies a logistics foothold in France in the days following the D-Day invasion.
  • Iconic projects include the Thames Barrier, which has been raised more than 80 times since the 1980s to prevent London being flooded and Costain played a key part in the construction of the Channel Tunnel and the Channel Tunnel Rail Link including the recent revitalisation of St Pancras Station to accept Eurostar trains.
  • In 2010 the Company was named by one of the UK’s most influential construction publications, New Civil Engineer, as Contractor of the Decade.
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