Type: Private

Founded: 2012

Employees: 15,500

EE is the UK’s most advanced digital communications company. We were the first to offer Britain the benefits of 4G mobile services alongside fibre broadband. And the £1.5bn we’re investing over three years to rollout superfast 4G mobile services is part of a much bigger picture. One that builds on the £15 billion we’ve invested since 2000 in creating Britain’s biggest 3G mobile network.

We want our customers to trust us with their digital lives, so we’re big on giving the UK the best network and best service in mobile. It’s those three things together that will make us a mobile provider like nothing anyone has ever seen before.

Our network will be a new backbone for Britain – one that’s set up to deliver for the people and the businesses of the UK in the 21st century.

Our service will be outstanding for every customer, seven days a week, 365 days a year, through our stores, in our contact centres and on the web.

Customer trust will come from a personalised service. The products and services we offer, and the way we sell and serve mean that we’ll be seen as the most trusted and relevant provider out there. A business that our customers trust with their digital lives.

But all of that can only be achieved by working with great people. From stores all over the country to the leaders in head office, empowered, challenged, supported and rewarded employees will be a big part of our success.

Did you know?

  • EE is home to three great brands: Orange, T-Mobile and EE. Together we have 27 million customers who trust us with their digital lives – that’s more people than live in the whole of Australia. A few million more.
  • We’re pulling out all the stops to build the best mobile network in Britain. In fact, over the next few years, we’ll be investing over £1 million a day to get our superfast 4G service to almost everyone in the country.
  • Over 11 million households and businesses got up to superfast speed with our fixed fibre broadband service in 2012.
  • Every year, our contact centre teams have over 86 million conversations. That’s a lot of chinwagging.
  • More than 40 million customers pop in to say hello in our retail stores each year.
  • Our 11,000 customer service and retail employees are fully trained experts in all the major mobile operating systems.

Our Apprentice schemes

An EE Apprenticeship is a great alternative for those considering further education or a regular full-time job. To our mind, they offer the best of both worlds – a chance to earn a decent wage and gain practical experience in the world of work. All while studying towards a formal qualification that will stand you in good stead as your career with us unfolds.

Our Customer Team Apprenticeship takes 15 months to complete, starting with an intensive six to ten week induction. It’s designed to prepare you for a long-term career with us, starting out as an Agent in one of our contact centres in Plymouth, Merthyr Tydfil, Darlington, Doxford, North Tyneside or Greenock.

Our Retail Apprenticeship takes 15 months to complete, starting with an intensive five-day induction. It’s designed to prepare you for a great retail career with us, starting out as a Sales Advisor in one of our 700 + stores up and down the country.

We also have Head Office Apprenticeships for people who want to learn the ins and outs of Digital, Retail Support and Business Sales Operations. And because where you work depends on what you want to do, you could be joining the team in Darlington, Hatfield or Paddington. Wherever you’re based though, you should get ready for 15 months of supported, non-stop learning, plus the chance to earn some great bonuses.

Your basic salary can range anywhere from £10,000 to £15,000, and you can expect it to jump up by about £2,000 after 12 months. There are lots of other big company benefits you’ll get to enjoy too, including the chance to earn some fantastic bonuses after you’ve been with us for six months.

This year, we’ll be taking on around 500 apprentices in total. And because we’ll be recruiting at various points in the year, it’s best to keep an eye on our website section for details of current vacancies.

Find out more about EE apprenticeships here. 

Working in our stores

Love a good natter? Us too. At hundreds of EE stores across the UK, we’re creating an entirely new kind of shopping experience. One that’s not simply about selling phones, but opening customers’ eyes to the magic of technology and passing the good stuff on.

Which makes a role as a Sales Advisor with EE a very exciting one. But it’s a challenging one too. There are operating systems to get to grips with (don’t worry, we’ll train you up), sales techniques to study, and, most importantly, our whole approach to customer service to learn inside-out. Do well, and it can lead to all kinds of other great opportunities. And not just in Retail.

Because we think it's important to recognise and reward the great work you do in a way that suits you best. So as well as giving you a competitive salary and plenty of perks as standard − like a discounted mobile package, 25 days' holiday and a bonus/commission plan − there are lots of flexible benefits you can choose from too. From childcare vouchers for the working parents, to travel insurance for the jet-setters, the options have been designed to help you put together a package that's right for you and the life you live.

• Dental cover
• Critical illness cover
• Life assurance
• Travel insurance
• Healthcare options
• Childcare vouchers
• Cycle2work scheme

Already, there are over 700 EE stores across the UK. . So an opportunity that’s right for you could be just around the corner. High street retail will never be the same again.

Find out where you could fit in at jobs.ee.co.uk/work-at-ee/retail

Working in our contact centres

We love sharing the magic of technology today. But there’s even more to be inspired about tomorrow. Could you be one of the new stars who takes us there?

Make your mark with the UK’s most advanced digital communications company, the first in Britain to offer superfast 4G mobile services.

Our contact centres are at the forefront of EE’s mission: to change the way people think about their network, deliver a richer experience, and develop deeper, stronger relationships with our customers. You’ll be at the heart of that process, discovering what our customers want, understanding the lives they lead and helping them get the most from EE. And you’ll do it as part of one of three teams.

Customer operations
We’re proud and excited to the first to bring 4G technology to the people of Britain. But it’s the team in customer operations who define the relationship they have with EE. Whether it’s by explaining their bill or resolving an issue they have with their contract or simply by helping them get to grips with the features on their new smartphone, customer operations sits at the heart of the whole EE experience.

Whether a customer is calling for an upgrade or because they’re planning to cancel their contract, it’s the team in Campaigns who take their call, explain their options and help them make the right choice. It’s a fast-paced, target-driven sales environment where you’re dealing with different people every day. And with our great deals on everything from broadband to insurance, there’s lots of variety on the product front too.

Sometimes customers get behind with their payments. And need help to get things back on track. That’s where our dedicated Collections team comes in. Their job is not about simply demanding money. It’s about approaching debt situations with a balance of sensitivity and professionalism. And finding the best solution – for the customer and for the business.

We have contact centres in North Tyneside, Plymouth, Merthyr Tydfil, Greenock, Doxford, and Darlington. 

Learn more about what working in our contact centres at jobs.ee.co.uk/work-at-ee/contact-centres

Our Graduate schemes

It’s an amazing time to be part of the EE story. Particularly for graduates who’ll have a big role to play in defining the business over the months and years to come. We say this is our first graduate scheme, but actually there are 10 in total – each focusing on a different area of the business:

• Customer Team
• Retail Sales
• Marketing (Consumer)
• Marketing (Non Consumer)
• Technology
• Brand & Communications
• Group Finance
• Chief of Staff
• HR
• Performance

All schemes last two years, and consist of four six-month rotations. They start with a comprehensive induction and from there combine a wide range of on-the-job training, classroom-based courses, remote study and online learning opportunities to help you hone the knowledge and skills you need to get ahead. We’ll even fund your studies towards a relevant professional qualification. And with those important letters after your name, you’ll be all set for a brilliant career with us.

We have a window for applications every year. The window for this year closed on 12 April 2013. You can find out more about each of the ten schemes on our website. See them for yourself.

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