Type: Private

Founded: 1988

Employees: 2893

Industry: Law

Eversheds is one of the world’s largest corporate law firms. We have more than 40 offices based in the world’s major cities - with a proven track record of always giving the highest quality legal services. We like to think we're committed locally, but connected globally. 
We've developed organically over the past 10 years, working for corporate organisations of all shapes and sizes in countries where they want to do business. But no matter where they are, our lawyers always share the same values, ways of working and have the same understanding of what our clients really want.

In 2012 we grew the firm even bigger - opening offices in the Middle East. Now Eversheds is the first international law firm to establish an office in Iraq, making us  one of the biggest international players on the ground, with local lawyers based in Abu Dhabi, Amman, Doha, Dubai and Riyadh. In 2012 we also expanded into Romania as well. So we've had a busy year!

As a modern, progressive law firm, at Eversheds we set ourselves apart through the people we hire, our culture and our attitude to change. Quality is a matter of personal pride to everyone and we always recruit - and keep! - the best staff we can. Working together in teams and innovative thinking is encouraged and supported across the company at all levels and this means that our clients get to enjoy an offering that's constantly evolving and improving to meet their changing needs. 

Our relationships with clients are deep and genuine. It's vital to us that we understand the sector and business culture that each of our client operates in. Collaboration and working closely with our client is seen as a way of providing the most effective advice. Trust and accountability are the foundations of all the relationships we have with our clients. 

Eversheds Unlocked

A pathway to law for students

As a progressive international law firm, we at Eversheds believe that a career in law should be open to everyone.

That's why we've created 'Eversheds Unlocked'. This innovative programme is aimed at students who have academic potential and an interest in law, but who may believe that a legal career is out of their reach. We're here to prove that it isn't.

Eversheds Unlocked is specifically designed for students at state schools who may never have imagined pursuing a career as a professional lawyer.

Would you like hands-on experience of what it's like to be a lawyer? Do you want genuine support to achieve your potential? And are you excited by the possibility of developing your very own 'pathway' to a career in law?

Then Eversheds Unlocked could be the key you've been looking for...

Hong Kong Work Experience Competition

Win a week's work experience in Eversheds' Hong Kong office!

Eversheds' innovation competition to win a week's work experience in our Hong Kong office returns for it's second year!

Work experience is often crucial in ensuring you have the relevant skills and experience to obtain that all-important training contract, however it can be difficult to find the perfect placement which is both instructive and interesting.

At global law firm Eversheds, we are offering a week's work experience for the winner in the vibrant, bustling city of Hong Kong. You will work closely with the firm's Hong Kong team of experienced lawyers as they help you get the most out of your work experience in the city's thriving business environment.

Follow in the footsteps of our 2012 competition winner - Shane Hughes to win this fantastic experience.

Shane's proposal was to create a service providing clients with information and advice on expanding into and investing in overseas markets based on the political and legal situation in each country, caught the attention of the judges.

The panel of judges, including Eversheds HR Director Angus Macgregor and Lawyer2B Editor, Christian Metcalfe, were impressed with the high level of research that Shane had completed for his proposal and the close alignment of his idea with Eversheds' visions and value.

"My prize wasn't just a week in Hong Kong, it was a week of my life that I will never forget. Hong Kong is an incredible city, awe inspiring and breathtaking. Eversheds' team in Hong Kong is second to none. I contributed to challenging work, drafted legal documents and researched points of law. My idea didn't come to me over night, I thought about it for weeks then drafted my proposal. Your idea really can be anything, no matter where you are from or where you have studied, if you have an idea that you think is innovative, go for it - enter!"
Shane Hughes - 2012 Hong Kong work experience Competition Winner

The winning entry or entries will be selected by a panel of judges on the originality of the idea, commercial awareness and viability to implement as well as the creativity of how the idea is presented.

Entries should be sent to workexperiencecompetition@eversheds.com. Please note that your email and its contents must not exceed 50mb in size and remember to include your name, address and contact details within the e-mail.

Terms and Conditions apply.

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