Student Hubs

Type: Charity

Founded: 2008

Employees: 34

Student Hubs is a national charity with the mission to affect a culture shift in UK univeristies so that student-powered social change becomes the norm, not the exception. 

Across 9 student-led university Hubs (in Bristol, Cambridge, Imperial College London, Oxford, Oxford Brookes, SOAS, Southampton, Warwick and Winchester) we inspire, connect and support students to shape a better world. We co-ordinate volunteering opportunties and conferences on topics such as international development and climate change; incubate student social enterprises, and run a unique Social Impact Internship Scheme, connecting socially-motivated students with meaningful internship opportunities in the not-for-profit sector. 

Start a hub

We are led by student committees in 9 UK universities (and counting!). Our Hubs are dynamic centres for student-powered social change – and the students behind them won’t stop until they’ve achieved a culture change in their universities which puts students at the forefront of social innovation. 

Currently, we have Hubs in BristolBrookesCambridgeImperialOxfordSOASSouthamptonWarwick, and Winchester.

Great for Students

Build a Community

Build a community of like minded social leaders at your university and make ‘doing good’ the norm, not the exception. A Hub brings together pockets of students making positive social change and provides easy opportunities for anyone to get involved.

Do More Good

Support other students to do more to tackle key social and environmental challenges - run conferences to inspire others, start up projects to tackle community need and devise innovative solutions to local and global issues.

Access a Network

Having a Hub links you to like-minded students across the Hub Network, meeting up twice a year to plan, collaborate and get inspired. Having a Hub also gives you access to our programmes - from Social Impact Careers to Impact International and Schools Plus.

Get Started

We have an established method for setting up a new Hub that is tailored to the student body and the community. We fit our Hub model of inspiring, connecting and supporting students to your University landscape, filling in the gaps and supporting social action where it is most needed.

Get in touch with francis@studenthubs.org to find out where we could add value, and how we can work together for maximum impact.


Schools plus

Educational disadvantage remains one of the most destructive and pervasive problems in the UK. 13% of children in the UK live in severe poverty, while 36% are eligible for Free School Meals.

University students who are passionate and knowledgeable about their subjects are in a unique position to help address this pressing issue facing society today – by supporting pupils to reach their academic potential and break out of the cycle of disadvantage.

Schools Plus trains university students as tutors and mentors for school pupils who are struggling to meet their attainment grades. Through a comprehensive induction and training programme and year-round on-the-ground support, Schools Plus equips students to support more school pupils to improve their academic performance and aspire to more.

Currently, we deliver the Schools Plus programme through our Hubs in BristolImperialOxfordOxford BrookesSouthampton and Winchester.

Kids adventure

Kids Adventure supports children who have been identified by social services as in need of positive one-to-one adult attention. For each activity day (whether it’s arts and crafts, team games or a visit to a farm), there is a ratio of at least one volunteer to every child, with extra volunteers on hand to ensure that the day runs smoothly. We work with small groups of around fifteen children so that our volunteers can build meaningful relationships with them as individuals.

We aim to give the kids the opportunity to have fun and behave like children – free from the stresses and difficulties they might face at home. We hope that the one-on-one attention we are able to give them improves their self-esteem, social skills and sense of well-being. By introducing the children to sports, hobbies and interests which they otherwise might never have encountered, we also hope to broaden their horizons and inspire future aspirations.

Kids Adventure is currently being run in Oxford, and is soon to reach Imperial.


Our population is growing older by the day, and over the last 15 years the number of 55-64 year olds living by themselves has increased by 50%. LinkAges takes the loneliness out of old age by connecting students to opportunities to help local older people. LinkAges encourages students to engage with their local community, take a break from the library and labs and make a real difference to an older person’s week.

We believe that LinkAges volunteers have the power to tackle social isolation and loneliness by providing conversation, a cup of coffee and a helping hand to an older person. Our support staff in Oxford and Imperial, where LinkAges is currently delivered, provide training and support to enable students to volunteer, giving them the tools to lead so they can gain experience and make a difference.

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