Rathbone Training

Type: Charity

Founded: 1969

Employees: 565

Rathbone is a UK-wide youth charity that helps young people to transform their lives through learning.

We do this by providing access to training and qualifications that enable young people to achieve their goals – whether that is a job, a place at college, an apprenticeship or a work placement.

We also run excellent youth engagement programmes, which offer practical support and positive experiences through activities like sport, music or art. 

All of the young people who join Rathbone with us can be sure of one thing. They will be supported, encouraged and challenged in every way possible.

Did you know?

  • Rathbone was founded by people who supprted the work of a lady called Elfrida Rathbone, who lived a hundred years ago. Back then, not all children and young people got a chance to go to school, and she helped change the lives of some of those who couldn’t go!
  • We believe that every young person can learn, progress and succeed in their chosen career.
  • Rathbone helps young people in all parts of the UK.
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