Restless Development

Type: Charity

Founded: 1985

Employees: 281

Half the world is under 25. That's 3 billion people.

Young people are most affected by the persistent problems facing the world, and yet are frequently overlooked as a resource. As the largest, most energetic population, young people can and must be part of the solution.

We are Restless Development, the youth-led development agency. Our mission is to place young people at the forefront of change and development. Our strength comes from being led by young people, from the boardroom right through to the field.

Since 1985, our programmes have reached over 7 million young people. We work full-time across Africa and South Asia and have international offices in London and Delhi. We are now leading efforts with UN agencies, bi-lateral agencies, civil society and governments in Africa and South Asia in how to effectively and meaningfully engage young people in development. 

International Citizen Service (ICS)

Volunteer Overseas

Apply now for International Citizen Service to help fight global poverty and start building a strong foundation for future job applications.

Restless Development is the youth-led development agency. We know that young people have the energy, commitment and skills to solve some of the world’s biggest problems.

International Citizen Service (ICS) is the UK’s leading global volunteering programme that supports young people from all backgrounds to make a real difference to global poverty. Funded by the Department for International Development, Restless Development’s ICS programme is building a generation of global citizens across the UK and in developing countries.

On a 10+ week placement, you’ll work directly with young people on exciting and valuable programmes that focus on issues that affect them such as sexual health and unemployment. When you return to the UK, you’ll be involved in social action projects to raise awareness of the issues you encountered on placement overseas.


Our ICS volunteers work alongside local volunteers in: India, Nepal, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


ICS is open to 18-25 year olds, with limited places available for Leaders aged 23+.

You do not need particular skills or qualifications. We are looking for a diverse range of young people with commitment, enthusiasm and an interest in the work that we do.

Leaders are expected to have overseas volunteering/work experience and/or experience of supporting groups of people.

Most volunteers are asked to raise £800 to take part in ICS.  You’ll be given one-to-one support by our professional fundraisers. Importantly, no one will be excluded for financial reasons.

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