Type: Private

Founded: 1929

Employees: 100,000+

Serco improves the quality and efficiency of essential services that matter to millions of people around the world.

The work we do for national and local governments involves us in the most important areas of public service including health, education, transport, science and defence.

Our private sector customers are industry-leading organisations in a wide variety of markets.

We have nearly 50 years' experience of helping our customers achieve their goals. Many want us to improve their productivity and service quality. Others need us to support their rapid growth. Government customers face crucial issues such as economic development, congestion, security and climate change. They value the innovation and passion we bring to these challenges, and the collaborative, flexible and imaginative way we work.

Serco is a values-led company with a culture and ethos that is at the heart of everything we do. We give our people real responsibility, allowing them to put their ideas into practice and to truly make a difference for our customers and the public. Our approach has made us one of the world's leading service companies and our vision is to be the world's greatest.

Our service ethos means that our customers come back to us again and again. These long-term relationships help us to meet their changing needs and to do what we do best...

...bringing service to life.

Did you know......

  • Serco began life in 1929 when Radio Corporation of America formed a UK subsidiary, RCA Services Limited, to support the country's growing cinema industry.
  • Serco in its current form is 25 years old this year.
  • Serco is one of the UK's largest marine operators, introducing 30 new vessels to support the Royal Navy.
  • Serco operate many rail networks including; Docklands Light Railway, Dubai Metro and the Ghan and Indian Pacific trains in Australia

Serco Vocational Services

Apprenticeships within Serco

Apprenticeships are a great way to earn as you learn. Becoming an apprentice will give you the experience and skills you need, in an industry of your choice. With fierce competition for jobs and ever increasing university fees, An apprenticeship will give you the opportunity to work for a real employer, earn a real salary and gain vital qualifications, all at the same time… and you don’t have to sit in a classroom all day! 

An apprenticeship is a work-based training programme where you will study for a nationally recognised qualification whilst gaining practical experience in a real job. If you’re over 16, live in England and are not currently in full-time education, you can apply for an apprenticeship within Serco

By choosing to pursue an apprenticeship within Serco gives you the opportunity to join a company that empowers its people, enabling them to excel. Apprentices within Serco are valued for the contributions they make to the business and are encouraged by open communication which inspires innovation, accountability and success.


Serco Vocational Services

Apprenticeship programmes within Serco are provided by Serco Vocational Services (SVS), a registered training provider accredited to deliver apprenticeships, NVQ and NVQ Assessors qualifications across many programmes and industries. SVS supports you throughout your apprenticeship, providing you with additional learning and pastoral care as well as aiding your career development.

How does it work?

There are many different types of apprenticeships; However, they all follow a similar structured framework of qualifications. The main differences come with the level of programme you choose, either Intermediate (level 2), Advanced (level 3) or Higher (level 4 and above). Take a look at the National Apprentice Service website for further information on the full range of apprenticeships available in England.

Our fully accredited Apprenticeship programmes encompass a wide variety of disciplines ranging from Aeronautical Engineering and Leisure Operations to Business Administration and Custodial Care; during the course of your apprenticeship you will cover both knowledge based and practical aspects of your chosen discipline and learn how to apply these skills, the modules are relevant to your field and will aid in the completion of your on-the-job training.

Browsing vacancies by programme type and geographical region allows you to find the best one for you. Applying straight from the Serco Vocational Services website couldn’t be simpler. Just find a job you would like to do, click ‘Apply Now’ and follow the instructions. Simple!

Engineering Apprenticeships

Our Engineering Apprenticeships encompass a wide variety of disciplines and lead to many occupations. During the course of your Apprenticeship you will cover both knowledge based and practical aspects of engineering and its applications. The modules taught to you are relevant to you as an engineering technician and aid you in completion of your on-the-job training.

Our workplace mentors have a vested interest in making you the best you can possibly be; during your training you will rotate through the business areas to further your experience as an engineer.

Wide range of engineering areas

Serco deliver a wide range of engineering apprenticeships at many of our contract sites across the country, including;

  • Aircraft Mechanical
  • Aircraft Avionic
  • Aircraft Ground Radio
  • Motor Vechile
  • General Engineering
  • Systems Engineering
  • Electrical / Electronic

Leisure Apprenticeships

Serco provide a comprehensive and high quality range of health, leisure, fitness, well being and community focused services, managing over 70 leisure facilities on behalf of Community Leisure Trusts, Local Authorities and Universities.

Facilities include leisure and recreational swimming pools, resistance and cardiovascular gymnasiums, indoor sports halls and outdoor sports centres. The range and quality of services offered is akin to those of a private sector facility but provided at an affordable price making them accessible to all sections of the community.

The Serco Leisure Apprenticeship provides all new recruits with core training at level 2 in Leisure Operational Services, with progression routes for specialising into Leisure Occupational Fields.

Leisure Operational Service

This framework is aimed at those individuals who wish to work in operational roles in leisure and recreation facilities covering leisure and recreation centres.

The Operational Services apprenticeship programme will provide individuals with the skills, knowledge and competencies required to deliver high level customer care, coupled with the technical ability to operate and maintain the facilities their customers visit.

Upon completion of this programme there are oportunities for progression into the specialised fields of Leisure Management or Facilities Management.

Progression Routes

Leisure Management

The Leisure Management apprenticeship programme will provide individuals with the skills, knowledge and competencies required to deliver high level customer care, coupled with the technical ability to manage and maintain the facilities their customers visit.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management involves providing a quality and cost effective maintenance and care service for a wide range of commercial and public buildings, such as hotels, hospitals, office and shopping complexes, arenas, educational or convention centres. They make sure that facilities such as security, catering, cleaning, maintenance and building services run smoothly, so that customers can run their businesses efficiently with the minimum disruption to services

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