Starcom MediaVest Group

Type: Private

Founded: 1999

Employees: 7,500

Ever wondered what it’s like working in a worldwide media agency?  

Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG) is the right place to start! With 132 offices in 67 different countries we are the second largest media agency in the world. In addition, being part of the Publicis Groupe family makes us one of the largest communication organisations there is.

What do we do?

SMG are responsible for planning and buying the advertising media for some of the world's biggest brands; from Burger King, Honda, Samsung and Novartis to UBS and Heineken.

We work with these brands to plan their global and local advertising campaigns. We then activate these strategies through buying space across all media platforms, negotiating the best prices with television, magazine publishers, radio stations etc for the space or airtime. 

Why is SMG different?

At SMG we believe experiences matter; they enhance lives and build brands. We pride ourselves in being a Human Experience Company. Our aim is to grow our clients business by transforming behaviour through uplifting Human Experiences.

Want to kick start your career?

We are looking for people who are fearless, dynamic, streetwise, unique and switched on. If you join us you’ll learn how our people and our approach are a winning combination.

Inside SMG...

It’s important to us that we employ people who are well-rounded, open-minded and who have diversity in thought and experience. We value curious, creative and dynamic minds who are committed to living the human experience brand and bring passion and inspiration to everything they do.

We are committed to shaping a great environment in which our people can thrive, learn, grow and achieve. The most important element of this is giving everyone a clear motivating direction for their progression – everyone needs to know where they are heading and how to get there through transparent career planning conversations

Take a look at our culture video, listen to what our Apprentices, Executives and Directors have to say about life at SMG!

We like to have fun!

As a Human Experience company, we strive to create a fun and stimulating environment for our people.

Here are just a few examples of why SMG is a unique place to work:

  • Company away days: Team building activities thrown in with a bit of sunshine, great food and great company, over the years we have been lucky enough to spend two days off site in Cambridge, Brighton and Windsor.
  • Do KISS 100's Rickie, Melvin and Charlie brighten up your mornings? They brightened ours when they came to SMG towers for the morning.
  • Are you a football fan? Arsenal’s legendary Ian Wright impressed us with tales of football days gone by as part of our Inspired Guest Speaker programme.
  • There is no better way to celebrate Christmas and the end of a successful year at SMG other than delving into London’s hottest nightclub, Gilgamesh, not to mention the office closing between Christmas and New Years as an extra treat!
  • Ever wanted to meet Lisa Snowden and Dave Berry, they popped in for breakfast with the agency.
  • Did we forget to mention that SMG has been ranked a Sunday Times best companies to work for the last four years in a row?

Hear from our apprenticies

Have a look at what Jack has to say...

             ''Having just completed a 12 month apprenticeship at as an Art Technician, I had preconceptions on whether moving into an apprenticeship within media was the right move for me. I had no prior experience with media, no idea what the job would involve and no idea what would be expected from me.

                I came across the advert for the Creative Pioneers Scheme whilst travelling on the underground. It was a 2 page spread on the outside of the Metro newspaper. When I checked the website out at home, I was drawn in by the highly reputable companies that had signed up to participate in the scheme and the outlining of the potential opportunities that could arise as an outcome of my apprenticeship. After this research I applied straight away without hesitation.

                The process to get a role at SMG was a strange, new form of interviewing that I hadn’t experienced before. I sat down with 30 different companies and participated in 7 minute interviews with each company, at the IPA headquarters. It was a bit like speed dating, however for a career instead of potential partner. When I met with the representative from SMG (Marcus Wainer), his passion and enthusiasm for the company made me determined to get myself a full interview at the company, and somehow I managed to and was therefore invited to one at Starcom MediaVest’s Offices. After the interview at SMG, I was offered the position as Digital Marketing Apprentice and happily accepted after being mesmerised by the enthusiasm of all the staff and the office atmosphere.

                I started on the 3rd of September 2012 within the Paid Social Team. This involved working on brand activity upon Facebook and Twitter. I’m naturally interested in “behind the scenes”, and finding out how Facebook and Twitter ran as advertising platforms was absolutely amazing. Those teaching and guiding me through my introduction into the company weren’t only extremely knowledgeable about the job but willing to answer any question, about my role, that I fired at them.

                3 days into my new job, in new surrounding and learning new skills on a steep learning curve, I was attending the company away day. This was the perfect ice breaker. Being thrown into the deep end, mixing with other people within the company and participating in slightly odd but engaging tasks broke the ice better than anything else I could have thought of. I got to know the social team on a friendly basis, learning names, hobbies, passions etc. quickly allowing me to engage in conversation with ease and without the worry of being the strange new person.

                In the following months, not only was I working in Paid Social, I managed to rotate around the company and experience different teams and departments. I was lucky enough to spend 2 weeks within planning, 3 months within affiliate marketing and 2 months within Paid Search. After these rotations, it was requested that I join the Paid Social team on a full time basis, as not only had a position become available but they’d been impressed with my performance within the first 3 months working at SMG and within their team. I joined the team ecstatic about having this opportunity and was given my own clients with their own campaigns. It was now down to me to manage these campaigns and I could take personal pride in the knowledge that it was my work that led to a good performing campaign.

            8 months in and I’m still working within the Paid Social team, loving my position and loving the job that I do.''

What our recent trainees have to say...

Alice‘Trying to describe a day in the life of a grad is a near impossible task as everyday was, and still is, incredibly varied and different. There is such variety within media which makes it a very exciting industry to be part of. One of the things that really stuck with me about the grad scheme was the amount of people I had exposure to, and the plethora of their knowledge. What struck me even more was just how willing everyone was to share this knowledge.’

Tom: ‘The Grad Rotation is to the envy of almost all I have worked with within the company. Both the opportunity to get to know everybody in all arms of the office and the chances to gain exclusive insights and lessons into new systems and digital initiatives have been something everybody wants; departments that don't deal with digital aspects of the business now see us as the experts and see the education we are getting as invaluable.’

Yasmin: 'The grad scheme has been fast-paced, busy and at times a little intense - but I have learnt so much in 3 months! Rotating through a different department each week has given me a really great overview of the company and a chance to get to know each team.  Everyone at SMG has done their part to make us all feel welcome and support and to ensure we get the best experience we possibly can. Just speaking to friends who have started new jobs around the same time makes me realise how much time and preparation has gone towards our scheme and I feel lucky to be able to access such a huge range of training.  I'm sure that this training will help me in the future on a personal level as well as in my career and the scheme as a whole has enabled me to learn about my existing strengths and weaknesses.  Best of all, my job, and the grad scheme has allowed me to completely be myself and I feel that the Grads are generally considered valuable in terms of our creativity and fresh perspective.'

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