Type: Charity

Founded: 2006

Employees: 50

vInspired is an independent British charity dedicated to helping young people volunteer in their local communities. We provide access to thousands of opportunities for 14-25 year olds to get involved in their communities and earn awards for their work.

vInspired Live


On July 6 2013, we put on our biggest event yet bringing our young volunteers together with top music acts like Professor Green, Skepta and A*M*E as well as inspirational speakers Jack & Finn Harries and Levi Roots!

We wanted to get everyone into the Roundhouse to talk to them about self-esteem. One of our Team v leaders, Emma Norris, talked to us about how we see ourselves, and how we can think more positively about who we are. It was such an inspirational message that all our celebs started thinking about it, too!

Now we want you to think about it, and tell us what you're best at. Not easy is it? But have a think, write it on your hand and tweet your selfie to us for the world to see what your power is! #MyPowerIs

Team v

Team v is a chance for you to earn your way to a better future for all of us. A unique nine-month leadership and volunteering programme, powered by socially-aware young people determined to make a change.

From September to May you will work alongside 150 other team v leaders to build skills and friendships while working towards a £1000 scholarship. Upon finishing, you are free to use this to fund whatever you want to go into next; personal training courses, start up funds for a youth group or it can go towards university fees.

A programme for people who have a great vision of the future, and want to gain the tools needed to make it happen.

How can you get involved?

Applications for 2013/14 are still open for a limited time and you can apply here.

See what our past leaders have to say about their experience:


vInspired Cashpoint gives you the chance to bring your social action project to life. If you're 14-25 and have an idea to solve a problem in your area, let us give you what you need to tackle it!

We're offering grants of up to £500 to turn your ideas into reality, and get your projects off the ground. The great thing about Cashpoint is that once funding's signed off you run your project however, and with whoever, you want!

How To Get Yours

Head over to the website to find out more and apply for Cashpoint funding now!


Igniter gives young people the fuel to make an impact on their communities with unique opportunities. It offers entrepreneurial 13-25 year olds in the UK a platform to get their projects off the ground with peer support and public donations.

If you have an idea for a social action project you can become a young entrepreneur by getting your project crowdfunded through Igniter.

Visit the Igniter website to find out more.

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